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the_nard's Journal

The Nard
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The Nard is a small village in the south east of England. This community has been made so the people of the nard get a chance to talk online together.

There are three rules to join this community...

1) You must not be part of that Sudbury Scum
2) You must know Fern (which is me)
3) You must like the nardians

LOL so wanna be part of the fun?
Over half of the population in the Nard are drug addicts. And most of the people in the Nard have been arrested at some point in their life.

LMAO But not me, im just a simple girl who spends her life going to school in the Nard and listening to Nsync!
countrysides, drinking, gcus, horses, laughing at andy smith, loud partys, music, smoking, taking drugs, the nard, the wreck